There is no doubt that once you take the plunge to work as a self-employed, independent consultant, it is very rewarding work. However it can also feel quite isolated at times, so that is where BCN can really help!

  • Meeting regularly with like-minded individuals helps all our members to keep up to date with trends in the consultancy marketplace
  • Members work within an agreed BCN Code of Practice and Quality Assurance framework that has been specifically designed for use by independent consultants
  • We host monthly Continuous Professional Development sessions, using both internal and external speakers – details of some of our past sessions, plus upcoming topics can be found here
  • Our members also regularly share their business experiences with others, as part of our ‘learning and improving’ culture. This enables members to refer their BCN colleagues to clients with confidence, and to form project teams to provide additional support to client projects
  • We always allow time for informal networking at meetings and there are various social events throughout the year


If you would like to become a member please ask to attend one of our meetings by contacting us. You can also download a copy of the Application Form and Joining Instructions.


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