Continuing Professional Development


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an ongoing membership requirement of many professional bodies. In recognition of this requirement on many of our members, BCN organises a series of CPD events throughout the year.

All our CPD sessions are run either by members, or by business professionals who have been recommended to us.

We endeavour to be topical – so, for example, BCN arranged two successful CPD workshops on how best to use social media for business development. Members embraced the opportunity to learn more about this marketing tool and it gave many a new insight into how their own clients could also benefit from these techniques.

Recent CPD sessions have included: 

  • Data Protection
  • Digital Marketing
  • Tax Considerations for the Self Employed
  • Mediation Skills
  • Planning
  • Lean principles, services, consultancy
  • Communicating with Mojo
  • How to pitch for work – selling skills for the self employed
  • Strategy
  • Director Responsibilities
  • Change Management at the Royal Mail


For details of upcoming sessions please follow this link



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