CPD Sessions – Past & Future

Upcoming CPD Sessions

BCN Meeting Friday 9th November

David Lawton – Accountancy: Dodgy Directors Loans & IR35

David Cotton – Business Change


BCN Meeting Friday 11th January 2019

Paul D’Ambra – Fin Tech

Michael Stewart – Block Chain


BCN Meeting Friday 8th February 2019

Penny Haslam – Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous®


BCN Meeting Friday 8th March 2019

Mark Bosworth – Networking And The Sales Process

David Lawton – Closing Your Company And Retirement Planning



BCN Meeting Friday 12th October

David Cotton – The first seven seconds

Duncan Wright – SEO: Real World Web Marketing


BCN Meeting Friday 14th September

Andrew Wright – Case Study, NHS Direct website – collaborative working;

Norman Sadler – Closing your business


BCN Meeting Friday 13th July

Antoine  Schlijper – A Recent Project


BCN Meeting Friday 8th June

Bob Barker – Self Publishing

Catherine Stothart – How To Get On With Anyone


BCN Meeting Friday 11th May 

Patti Everett – New Ways Not Old Patterns: Getting Out Of The Drama Triangle

Jim Smith – Health & Safety


BCN Meeting Friday 13th April 

Catherine MacKenzie – GDPR

Kerry Bannon – Resilience


BCN Meeting Friday 9th March

Prof Gary Davies – Building a better light-trap


BCN Meeting Friday 9th February 

Mike McKenzie – Growth Probability Matrix

David Wright – Marketing for SMEs


BCN Social Event: 10am, Saturday 17th February 

Steve Williamson Memorial Walk

Poachers Inn, 95 Ingersley Road, Bollington


BCN Meeting Friday 12th January 2018

Larry Bannon – The Pursuit of Excellence

BCN Xmas Meal

Golden Pheasant, Plumley 

BCN Meeting Friday 10th November 2017

Bryce Cooper – History & Future of Money

Adrian Thomas – Reducing Energy Consumption


BCN Meeting Friday 13th October 2017

Dr Sharon Xuereb & Dr Alan Slater – Employee Engagement

Richard Coombes – Cost, Price & Profitability


BCN Meeting Friday 8th September 2017

Andrew Thorp – Mojo Your Business

Mike Heywood – ScarceIT Services


BCN Social Event, August 2017

Quarry Bank Mill, Styal

Apply to social secretary for details


BCN Meeting Friday 14th July 2017

Tim Young, Renuma – Improving Client Relationships


BCN Meeting Friday 9th June 2017

Phil Anders, GM Business Growth Hub – MGF


BCN Meeting Friday 12th May 2017

Fran McArthur, Your Ideal Business Partner – Action Learning Sets


BCN Meeting Friday 7th April 2017

Fran McArthur, Your Ideal Business Partner – Behavioural Based Interviewing Techniques


BCN Meeting Friday 10th March 2017

Charlotte Gallagher, Organisational Development


BCN Steve Williamson Memorial Walk 25th February 2017

Meet: 10am at Anderton Boat Lift car park (MR. 648756)


BCN Meeting Friday 10th February 2017

David Cotton, Creative Problem Solving


BCN Meeting Friday 13th January 2017

Frances Taylor, Sprout – Sleep & Performance


BCN Christmas Lunch Friday 9th December 2016

Members past and present celebrate surviving another year at the Goshawk, Mouldsworth.

Apply to social secretary for tickets.


BCN Meeting Friday 11th November 2016

Angela Werner & Steve Hitchen, MSIF – Asset Financing


BCN Meeting Friday 14th October 2016

Clare Harris & Su Fowler Johnson – Positive Psychology

In this session we will explore how we can use positive psychology in our businesses, giving you the opportunity to practice some take away tools to use back in your own organisations. Dr Claire Harris is a chartered Occupational Psychologist and Director of Aspire.  She has a PhD in Psychology and uses evidenced based tools to help organisations, teams and individuals perform whilst enhancing positive wellbeing. Su Fowler-Johnson is a business and executive coach, Director of People and Change Experts (PACE) and non-executive director in the NHS.  She uses evidenced based tools to help organisations, teams and individuals to improve performance.

BCN Meeting Friday 9th September 2016

Peter Thompson, Shape Consultancy – The Situational Leadership Model


BCN 20th Anniversary Lunch Friday 12th August 2016

A river cruise from Chester’s Mill Hotel was arranged with members both past and present enjoying a relaxed meal and conversation on board the  L’eau-t Cuisine broad-beam barge along the Shropshire Union Canal.


BCN Theatre Trip, Saturday 2nd July 2016

Members enjoyed an evening of theatre with an open air production of  Alan Ayckbourn’s Relatively Speaking at Gawsworth Hall


BCN Meeting Friday 8th July 2016

Phil Crowshaw, Geeky Group – Digital Marketing

Phil provides coaching, consulting and training services on digital media and digital marketing strategies and tactics. In this workshop he will explain why and how the Digital Media Revolution is changing the way we need to promote and market our businesses in 2016 and beyond. He will provide insights and ideas on how to harness the opportunities now available to us as the internet becomes more and more integrated into our everyday working lives, with particular emphasis on the potential of Content Marketing, Social Media, Mobile and Video strategies. Phil will also share his views on the future in terms of what’s coming next in modern day marketing and the impact on businesses.


BCN Meeting Friday 10th June 2016

Janice McNamara – Mediation Skills

Janice specialises in helping people work better together. She provides services in facilitation, executive coaching, mentoring, mediation, and training. She works with teams and individuals to improve working relationships and strengthen leadership and management through building trust, facilitating difficult conversations and addressing conflict. This BCN workshop will be interactive and engaging, encouraging you to consider the types of conflict in the work place and individual responses to it. Introducing mediation skills and the benefits of team development to acknowledging conflict and work with it.

Catherine McKenzie – Wilmslow Business Group

Catherine will introduce us to the activities of the Wilmslow Business Group.


BCN Meeting Friday 13th May 2016

Alan Slater – Building Effective SME Lead Teams

Building Effective SME Lead Teams, a research project led by Pathfinder Associates, has two main aims. Firstly, SMEs need to drive the UK economy, and secondly, organisations benefit greatly in many dimensions if teams can perform more effectively than the sum of their parts, none more so than lead teams. We are looking for 100 companies to take part, of different sizes and from different sectors. We are investigating a range of factors based on an extensive body of research undertaken by Professor Michael West and colleagues over many years at Sheffield, Aston and other Universities. This CPD session on May 13th at BCN will cover the background to the project, the basis for collecting information and the results obtained to date.

Alan is a member of BCN and a director of Pathfinder Associates.


BCN Meeting Friday 8th April 2016

Fran McArthur – Resilience

Variously defined as toughness or the ability to spring back into shape we can see that resilience is an attribute which all successful businesses must have to survive and prosper in bad times as well as good. BCN’s very own Fran McArthur will lead our session on how resilience can be built into an organisation.

Fran is a member of BCN, Principal Consultant at Your Ideal Business Partner, and a director of McArthur Clay.

BCN Meeting Friday 11th March 2016

Round Britain on a motor cycle and business lessons arising

Gail Biddulph is in the record books for being the first woman to complete a solo motor cycle tour of mainland UK. She will describe this epic journey and how its success was an example of her method for achieving business success.

Gail is a Business Success Strategist and keen motorcyclist and can be contacted at gail@gailbiddulph.com


BCN Meeting Friday 12th February 2016

George Betts and Laura Blake – St Helens Chamber

The session will introduce members to the activities of the Chamber and set out the benefits of St Helens Chamber corporate membership.

George Betts is the Business Mentor Coordinator at St Helens Chamber, and Laura Blake is the Membership Manager.


Malcolm Gilmore – Behavioural Safety

Malcolm will take us through a case study on behavioural safety based on work done at York Station.

Malcolm is a BCN member and a director of Change Navigation Ltd.


BCN Meeting Friday 8th January 2016

Transactional Analysis in Leadership and Management: Old Theory, New Possibilities

This workshop will be led by Dr Paul Dixon who was a lecturer at Manchester University, but recently left to set up his own consultancy Autonomy Development and Consulting. The objectives of this workshop are to provide a taste of how TA might be used in considering leadership style and approach and to act as an appetiser to find out a bit more about TA. Paul has a highly entertaining style of delivery, so this is an event not to be missed.



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