Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Framework

BCN’s Quality management framework provides members with a practical way of managing Quality as an integral part of the consulting process.

As consultants, we are often only as good as the last project we completed, so having a simple, yet practical, Quality process in place between the consultant and client is an important tool that demonstrates our accountability, credibility and commitment to continuous improvement.

Our Quality framework provides:

  • A method to ensure that consultants wishing to join BCN are committed to the active management of the consulting process to ensure that a quality service is delivered
  • Opportunities for the confidential peer review of the project by BCN colleagues, providing a forum for group learning and information to enable consultants to focus on any areas needing improvement
  • Lessons on managing projects, transferring best practice and the benefits of Quality control – all of which are beneficial to both consultant and client.

All members of BCN are committed to Continuous Professional Development, so our Quality framework is supported by at least one CPD session per meeting – on some occasions that has stretched to several shorter multi-disciplinary sessions.

Attendance at these CPD sessions is covered within the annual BCN membership fee and is seen by members as a key benefit of being part of the network.

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