Code of Practice

Code of Practice-2

Members of BCN will:

  •  only accept assignments for which they are suitably qualified
  •  discharge their responsibilities with professional integrity and diligence
  •  treat client data as confidential
  •  keep their own knowledge and skills up to date
  •  always act in the best interest of clients
  •  provide a written proposal for client approval before work commences
  •  set out clear objectives for the assignment
  •  evaluate with the client at the conclusion of the assignment how effectively the objectives have been met
  •  identify areas which need further work or improvement
  •  clearly state terms and conditions for each assignment
  •  agree regular progress reviews where appropriate, and respect deadlines
  •  exercise responsible management and efficient procedures throughout each assignment
  •  observe all legal requirements
  •  work in partnership with clients without imposing solutions on them
  •  manage the relationship so that disagreements are openly discussed and resolved
  •  continually improve the service to clients based on evaluation and reflection
  •  maintain and nurture a culture of integrity, honesty and openness


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